Yeast Free Foods to Fill My Starving Stomach

There is a guy asked me for yeast free foods he can eat to fill his stomach, as he often found himself hungry all the time. No matter what he eats, he doesn’t feel fed and he is starving, but he is fat. You can read “The Carbohydrate Addict’s Diet” by Dr Heller to help you feeling like you’re not starving.

Just don’t eat anything you want, and of course, no refined desserts. Eggs seem to be a very satisfying and filling breakfast. Don’t eat cereal. I eat eggs in every shape and form most every day. Omelets are the best. Fill them with lots of vegetables and make sure not to overdo the meat and dairy. The carb diet is a great start to the yeast diet. I have lots of salads for lunch. You need your vegetables for lots of reasons, but especially if you are eating low carb and high protein.

I found that by avoiding anything that has sugar or turns into sugar in your body, I feel much better. The good news is on this program is you will lose weight faster then you can imagine possible. I lost twenty pounds in one month and I feel good with the weight lost. Not sickly, I say this because I didn’t need to lose any weight as I was already at normal weight for my height.

Remember that anything with carbs turns to sugar; potatoes, white rice, breads and pastas are just the beginning of the list. I discovered that grapefruit seed extract taken three or four times a day is also very helpful. It is one of the foulest things I’ve ever consumed other than Noni juice which also seem to help with the symptoms. We mask the taste of the grapefruit seed extract with organic orange juice. Eating as much raw unprocessed food as possible also helps tremendously. Avoid any food with yeast in it. Local health food stores carry yeast free spelt bread which has lower carbs, too.

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