Wrath of the Lick King Guide Review

I’ve been buying and reading gold guides since I started playing the game a few years ago. There always seems to be a few new ideas in each one, or something unique that gets me making some new gold with the new techniques.

But not everyone is looking for one or two tips when they buy a gold guide, most people want the best most up to date information available. Well most of the gold guides available today, although great guides, just aren’t up to speed with the newest info.

That is until just recently when the release of a Hayden Hawke’s Secret Gold Guide. Like me, and a lot of you, she had bought other gold guides, and been let down by the fact that all the information was old and outdated, so she decided to write her own guide.

The best part is, she’s great at explaining in detail while not dragging it out. So she’s crammed a LOT of really good gold making strategies into her more than 220 page guide. Plus she offers seven bonus guides Fishing & Cooking – BOA Item Guide – Dual Boxing – Class Talents – Crafter’s Compendium – Herbalist Handbook – Miner’s Companion. They’re all WotLK tips, and they’re guaranteed to make you gold.

I started using this guide with a low level 30 priest about a month ago, and now I’m a level 48 and I’ve made just over 24,000 gold using the tips from this guide. I’ve leveled a LOT, and using the tips from this guide I’ve been able to make a lot of gold, so if it worked for me, it will definitely work for you.

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