Windows 1079 Error Fix Tutorial

The Windows 1079 error is an error associated with many tasks that we can perform on our computer such as using the: Event Manager, Remote Registry Event Log, Session Log or Desktop Window Manager. One of the common symptoms of the Windows 1079 error is the computer’s speed. You will notice a lot if not everything slowing right down and this is because the processes being sent by the Kernel are being slowed down and even the time it takes for the kernel to processes these instructions is being halted because of the error. One of the obvious symptoms you will notice is the appearance of an error message, which explains to you why the error has occurred.

The error should look like this:

“Could not start the Remote Registry service on Local Computer.”


“Error 1079: The account specified for this service is different from the account specified for the other services running in the same process.”

One of the main causes of this error is when you try to access something called the Services applet when trying to start the Remote Registry Service. It has often been the case that the computer loses its ability to support the activity and this causes the Services applet, along with the Remove Registry Service to crash and close, thus resulting in the 1079 error.

It is possible to fix this particular error on your computer by following some simple steps that are easy to follow and will result in the Windows 1079 Error being expelled:

Firstly it is recommended that you disable certain options in the “Start-up Menu” in Safe Mode. Now in case you don’t know what safe mode is, don’t worry. Safe Mode is the diagnostic mode for any Windows computer that allows it to run without the use of any third party programs or applications, that may cause any errors.

  • Restart your computer
  • Before the computer boots properly, continually press F8 to access the Boot Options
  • Many different options will then be presented to you in an orderly fashion, to which you then select “Safe Mode with Networking”
  • Locate your way to Start-Up and disable services.

Microsoft regularly release updates and patches for its software, so it is always a good idea to keep them updated and brand new so that it minimizes the likes of errors ever occurring. It also ensures that your computer is capable of supporting those applications. To update windows you first need to:

  • Select Start
  • Click All Programs and chose the Windows Update option.

The final recommendation is to completely scan your Windows registry. The registry plays a huge role in the day to day activities of every computer, because the registry is a virtual database, whose structure is hierarchical enabling the computer to function at it’s best. However sometimes the structure of the registry can become deformed resulting in some files and settings being damaged, moved or even deleted and this causes the computer experience numerous errors and can often lead to it not functioning properly.

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