Weight Loss Plateaus: How to Get ‘Unstuck’

Have you ever stepped onto the scale only to find that the needle isn’t moving in any direction at all, despite your weight loss efforts? It can be really frustrating! A weight loss plateau is actually more common than you think and will eventually happen to most people on a weight loss goal.

A plateau in your weight will usually happen because a person is focused too much on either dieting or exercising. When you are focused too much on dieting not only will you lose fat but you will also lose muscle as well! And as muscle helps burn fat the less muscle you have, the less fat you will burn. Here are a couple of tips to help you if you are struggling with a weight loss plateau:

Are your habits in check?

Take a look back at your diet and exercising habits, are you still in control? Or have you let them slip in the last couple of weeks by skipping out on your workouts or having too many cheat meals? This is a common problem because you don’t notice the bad habits creeping in until it’s too late!

Consume fewer calories

Unless you are already consuming only 1200 calories, try reducing your calorie consumption by 200 calories or so. Just make sure not to drop below the 1200 calorie mark!

Doing so could very well lead you to ‘binge eating’ which defeats the point of dieting in the first place. It’s important to make sure that you keep your diet sustainable or else you will lose fat in the short-term and will regain it as soon as you return to any sort of normal diet regime.

Increase your workouts

Try adding an additional 20 minutes of exercise to your workout routine and if it is possible, try increasing the intensity of your workout as well! This will help you to burn extra calories and you can even try adding new types of exercise to your routine like strength training. Just remember that more muscle equals more fat burning.

Add more activity to your daily routine

Think about what you can be doing outside the gym to add extra physical activity to your daily routine. You could try extra yard work, taking the stairs instead of the elevator or even parking far away from your destination to get a couple extra steps into your routine.

A weight loss plateau doesn’t mean the end of your weight loss dreams, they are a part of any weight loss journey. It’s important when you are going through a plateau, to focus on your little victories like not cheating on your diet and sticking to your workout program. Just stick to your healthy habits and you will be burning fat in no time!

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