The Lamaze Method of Childbirth – A Guide

One of the best-known childbirth preparation techniques preferred by couples these days is the Lamaze method of childbirth. We associate “Lamaze,” with the commonly seen birthing scene in movies. However, this technique of childbirth is not exactly like the scenes of the movies. Lamaze is more than panting and puffing for breath before childbirth. Most doctors prefer natural methods of childbirth. Since Lamaze is one of the most effective ones, couples tend to choose it more often than the other methods available.

What Is Lamaze?

Lamaze is a method of childbirth that was originally developed by Dr. Fernand Lamaze in 1951. The French doctor discovered this technique of birthing in Russia. The midwives in Russia used this method for the delivery of healthy and normal babies. Lamaze helps pregnant women to relax and deal with the pain of childbirth. Since the 1950’s, the popularity of this method increased. Today, the method is not limited to breathing techniques but it also includes a broader philosophy that includes six care practices supporting birth:

1. The Labor should begin on its own,

2. A woman in labor should be provided continual support,

3. A laboring woman should be able to move around freely during labor,

4. The woman should not give birth on their backs,

5. There should not be any kinds of routine interventions involved between labor and birth,

6. The mother and baby should not be separated after birth. The baby should be given unlimited opportunities to breastfeed.

Reasons To Choose Natural Birthing:

There are several reasons why a couple should choose this method of childbirth. Natural way of giving birth is one of the best and healthy ways described in the history of birth. Though there is the matter of labor pain involved, yet natural birth gives the baby more immunity and strength. Epidural and other similar medicines that are taken mostly for C-sections do immediate reactions in your body. These medicines are very strong and can affect the baby and its immunity. Therefore, by choosing a natural method of birthing you give your baby a healthy life.

Reasons To Choose Lamaze Method:

A few reasons to choose Lamaze class are:

This method is a deep cleansing and breathing process for the mother. Different kinds of breathing techniques are taught to the mother. These breathing techniques are extremely helpful during labor and contractions.

Lamaze method focuses on the relaxation of the body. When the body is relaxed, the mother is capable of taking the right decision during childbirth. Use of medication is one of the primary things that Lamaze chooses to avoid. The main benefit lies in the increased immunity and health of the newborn child.

A Little About Lamaze Classes:

A standard Lamaze class is held at the education room of the hospital or at a birthing centre. The pregnant couple will attend a series of classes that address the various concerns, which may arise during labor. In these classes, one will find examples of a normal labor and birth. Focused breathing and techniques to relax are taught in the class to the ‘would be’ mother and father. This way the woman is capable of channeling her energy towards the birthing process, while the man can focus on calming her and helping her to relax.

Bottom line, the Lamaze method technique is one of the best techniques for childbirth. Couples who are soon to become parents should choose this method for a better childbirth experience.

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