The Departed: Top Movie Review

Jack Nicholson is sure to get in the top 10 movies arena by his role of Frank Costello, an Irish mobster trying to infiltrate the Massachussets State Police by placing his protÊgÊ Colin Sullivan, well crafted role done by Matt Damon, as he’s done with his top rated movies. The state police Captain Queenan, enacted by Sheen, giving one of his top movies performance, is trying to infiltrate Costllo’s mob by planting Billy Costigan, played by top 10 movies star DiCaprio and Staff Sargeant Dignam-played by Wahlberg. Billy is framed in a cover-up case and is put in prison.

Both have successfully done the infiltration. Sullivan is suspected to be a mole after a sting is done on him. He suspects someone in the mob is betraying. Costigan chases Sullivan after seeing him give an envelope to Costello but Sullivan escapes and both are unaware of each others identity. To find the mole in the mob, Sullivan along with some of the gang members tails Queenan who is going to meet Costigan. In the ensuing fight Queenan is killed and the mob flees when police arrives. At the safe-house when Delahunt suspects Costigan because he had given Costigan the wrong address, Costigan has to kill him. Costello finds that Delahunt was a cop from Boston PD and tells his men to forget him.

From Queenan’s phone, Sullivan learns that Costello works for FBI. Sullivan also learns about Costigan’s identity and posing as a genuine policeman asks Costigan to help him finish the mob. Acting on Costigan’s information, Sullivan and his policemen trap Costello when he has gone to collect a consignment of cocaine. In the shootout most of the mobsters are killed and Costello is killed by Sullivan. Costigan comes to Sullivan to request him for his restoration in the force and finds an envelope containing details of Costello’s mob on Sullivan’s desk and before Sullivan can stop him he flees. To trap Costigan, Sullivan erases all his record from the police computer. Costello had left an envelope with his attorney with instructions to deliver it to Costigan after his death. Costigan finds a CD with recordings of Costello’s telephonic conversations with Sullivan.

When Sullivan hears a copy of it, he agrees to meet Costigan, who secretly had arranged for Police Officer Dignam and Brown to be there. Dignam does not come and Brown is surprised when he sees Costigan holding Sullivan as hostage. Costigan comes down the lift with Sullivan and is shot dead by Barrigan also a police officer who tells Sullivan that Costello had planted many moles in the force. Brown is also eliminated and as Barrigan turns Sullivan shoots him. At the police station, he puts all the blame on Costigan. On coming home he finds Dignam waiting for him. Dignam, knowing about his treachery kills him point blank and quietly leaves his apartment.

Scripted by William Monahan and directed by Martin Scorsese, The Departed proves to be the finest tale of Deceit, Treachery, Counter-espionage and back-stabbing. Like pawns on a chess board, Scorsese uses his actors and plays them on the screen, with perfection and well etched out moves, like a seasoned chess grandmaster. None of his actors made a wrong move. The script is taut and the dialogues are short and to the point like gun shots. Scorsese is ably supported by his cinematographer and the music score. If you like watching a game of chess, this one will whet your appetite. Even if you don’t like chess you will know about the game after watching this movie.

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