The Basics to Obtaining a Ripped Midsection

As most know a ripped midsection can do a lot for your sex appeal and is pretty good indicator of your overall conditioning. A select few people are lucky enough to have genetically lean midsections due to their body type and metabolism. Unfortunately for most of us it will require some hard work to obtain a defined muscular midsection.

Factors to obtaining a Ripped Midsection

1. Genetics determine your body Type?

Ectomorphic– characterized by tall, long and thin muscles/limbs and low body fat storage, usually referred to as slim or narrow body type

Mesomorpic– characterized by medium bones, solid torso, low fat levels, wide shoulders with a narrow waist; usually referred to as muscular or angular body type.

Endomorphic-characterized by increased fat storage, a thick waist and a large bone structure, usually referred to as fat or round body type

People can also be combinations such as ecto-mesomorph which may be ideal for acheving low body fat and ripped midsections. Endomorphs will have a harder time achieving the ultimate shredded look but with proper focus and determination dramatic results can be achieved. Body types do not determine results they only provide a guide to the level of commitment that may be required.

2. Diet

In order to have a lean ripped abdominal wall you will need to review your diet, remember calories in calories out is king, some people are naturally leans and can eat anything and stay lean while others must go to extreme measures and others fall in between.

Here are some a simple steps:

1. Write down your meals for a week determine what you’re eating and the calories and nutritional values for the day including fat, carbohydrates and protein. Most people will find that they are taking in not enough calories and meals are too infrequent to boost metabolism. A healthy diet consisting of adequate proteins and balanced fat and carbohydrates is best rather than some extreme diet of no carbohydrates or no fat. Fat and Carbs are energy you need energy but only enough for your daily activities.

2. Curtail energy food later in the day and replace with quality protein sources and vegetables or salads as this will promote fat loss and metabolism,

3. Additionally increasing your meal frequency is very effective for this as well Try to increase meal frequency from 2-3 meals to 4-5 smaller meals some have been known to go to 6-8 meals as well. In order to determine the amount of calories and nutrients’ needed each day for specifically your activity levels would need to be known and this is different for everyone and another article in itself.

3. Training

Training your whole body is vital to boosting the metabolism, whether you are a hardcore trainer or just a 3 days a week trainer it’s vital to developing a tone total body and ab section. Training should consist of resistance training and cardiovascular training. For fat loss it is imperative to add a cardiovascular routine to your workout the best time to burn fat with cardio is when you glycogen levels are at their lowest which is first thing in the morning before consuming any food or beverages other than water or right after resistance training after your body burned up its glycogen (energy) stores. The idea is you will tap into fat stores for energy and burn more fat not to mention the morning cardio boost your metabolism for several hours afterwards. Abdominal training specifically should be 2-3 workouts per week to tone the muscles of the abdominal wall.

You need to try to work them from all angles and increase the intensity each workout over several weeks by adding new exercises and or repetitions and or fewer rest breaks between exercises. Below is an example do this for 6 weeks then return to a normal abdominal workout. How many reps you do is not as important as the intensity and deep burn you get from focus and concentration try placing your hand on your abs so you can feel them working and connect your mind to the action you are trying to accomplish.

Week 1-3

Lower abs knee raise

Upper Abs Ab Ball Crunch

Obliques weighted ball twist

Entire abs Crunch to side (each)

Core and Intercostals machine crunch, cable crunch

Week 4 add

Lower abs hanging leg raise

Hip thrust

4. Stay determined

Everyone will get different results, don’t get discouraged if it’s not overnight or you’re not shredded as someone else. The key is consistency and learning your body and how it responds to diet and training.

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