Thai Marriage Registration For Muslims – Are Muslims Able to Get Married in Thailand?

The answer is YES.

They can choose whether they want to marry under Islamic law or under Thai law. However, some embassies would require their Muslim citizens to get married under Islamic law first prior to allowing them to get married under Thai law. This requirement necessitates the conversion of the Non-muslim fiancé into Islam – a religious rite that can be carried out in a few minutes.

Should the couple would like to do the Islamic marriage, they have to be aware of the following procedures. First, they have to call the National Islamic center in Bangkok for the marriage appointment. The couple is required to bring the following documents for the Islamic marriage:

a. Passport

b. Divorce certificate (if any)

c. Photos (1.5×1.5, 6pcs)

The marriage is done in a mosque with the conversion of the non Muslim fiancé taking place first before the marriage registration. An Islamic marriage certificate in English will be issued by the officer once the marriage registration is finished.

Muslim couples who would like to do the Thai marriage should first visit their embassy in Thailand to obtain the affirmation of freedom to marry or unmarried statement. This needs to be translated into Thai and be legalized at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Once it’s ready, the couple can proceed to the district office to register the marriage. A marriage certificate in Thai will be issued by the registrar after completing the marriage procedure. This can be translated into English and to be legalized at the MFA that you may be able to use it abroad for any legal purposes.

Whether under Islamic law or Thai law, Muslim marriage in Thailand is easy to organize with the assistance of competent law firm that can walk you through the process of the marriage process.

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