Shortcut – How To Become A Copywriter Earning A Six Figure Income

You can quickly learn how to become a copywriter worthy of earning a six figure income. It’s actually quite easy but it’s not effortless. If you really want to succeed in business, copywriting is the most profitable skill you can acquire, so the effort you put into learning how to become a copywriter will pay off in spades.

Top freelancing copywriters have the most enviable lifestyle! They can travel all over the world at someone else’s expense while getting paid for their time. In addition to their fees, they can earn commissions on the sales generated from their “work”. A successful copywriter can often earn hundreds of thousands of dollars from just one assignment. This can be your future if you learn how to become a copywriter.

Learning how to become a copywriter is a lifelong process. There is always room for improvement. However, it doesn’t take long to have enough skill to start earning good money in an interesting, exciting career if you follow the following steps.

The quickest way to learn anything is by modelling success. Do what successful people do and you will avoid the mistakes that lead to failure. The best way to learn how to become a copywriter is to model the master copywriters.

The first thing to do is to buy a copy of John Caples’ book “Tested Advertising Methods” and read it over and over again at least 20 times. If you do this in the context of the other steps in this article you will gain years worth of experience in a matter of weeks.

There is an updated version of John Caples’ book available on Amazon, but if at all possible, get the out of print copy of the fourth edition of the book that John Caples himself wrote. The one you get on Amazon has been upgraded with more current examples by a modern day master copywriter. It’s still a good book, but if you can get the original written by Caples himself it is a better resource. The original will give you a feel for what Caples himself thought and felt. You need to tune into John Caples, one of the all time greatest copywriters in history, as much as possible.

The next thing to do is to start collecting examples of the most successful direct response ads in history. Go to eBay and do a search for the word “copywriting”. Look for anyone advertising “swipe files”. Look for collections that are based on actual sales records…the ads that set records. The master copywriters are the ones that consistently wrote ads that “beat the controls” and set sales records.

Once you have a good collection of swipe files, spend an hour a day copying them out by hand. Yes, I mean it. If you want to really get the feel for what the master copywriter thought and felt, you need to copy out the ads of the masters by hand. You will get a feel for the rhythm, you will get insights on why they used certain words instead of others they could have used. The more you do this, the quicker you will start writing like the masters. Remember, this is the second step. In the first step you need to read John Caples’ book.

Now you need to start writing your own sales letters. The easiest way to get practice is to advertise on eBay. Start selling something on eBay and see what kind of results you get. You will be amazed how quickly your writing style will become powerful if you are doing the above two steps.

The final step is to listen and learn from the modern masters of copywriting as they critique sales letters and websites. Michael Fortin has a membership site where he does several critiques every month. If you are doing the three steps mentioned above, this will make you a top copywriter in a very short period of time. Sales letter critiques will help you quickly learn how to become a copywriter.

By the time you have read John Caples’ book 20 times, copied out 20 sales letters, written 20 of your own sales letters and watched 20 critiques of other people’s sales letters, you will definitely be a good copywriter. Can you do that in a month or two or three? Well, that’s how long it will take for you to learn how to become a copywriter.

Just follow the format of reading John Caples’ book once, writing out an ad from the swipe files every day, writing a sales letter, watching a sales letter critique, then doing it all over again 19 more times. This is how to learn how to become a copywriter worthy of earning a six figure income, in record time!

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