Sex in Islam: What Is And Isn’t Strictly Forbidden

Many people have the belief that sex in the Islam religion is extremely restrictive. The truth is that in most areas, Islam’s view of sex is not that different from other religions such as Christianity. Even though the consequences for disobeying Allah’s laws in regards to sex, tend to be more severe than some religions, the law itself is quite compatible.

Sex Inside And Outside Of Marriage

In the Islam religion sex inside of the marriage between husband and wife is strongly encouraged first for purposes of procreation and second for companionship and the enjoyment of both parties male and female. It is believed that a healthy intimate relationship between husband and wife makes for a happier and more solid marriage and keeps both the husband and wife from committing adultery which is against Islamic law.

However, the issue of oral sex in marriage is highly debated with some theologians suggesting that it is acceptable if both parties agree and others stating that it is not. This is an issue that there seems no clear direction on but, those who want to remain faithful to the Islamic religion more often than not err on the side of caution.

So too is sex outside of marriage whether that sex is an adulterous affair, between a man and woman, or same sex partners. Any sex outside the marriage bed is strictly forbidden and seen as sin by both the man and the woman. In cases of rape the woman is to be held blameless and the sin falls entirely on the man.

Birth Control

When it comes to the use of modern day birth control most of those of the Islamic faith allow the use of birth control. Especially in cases where the couple already has children and adding more children to the family may result in the couple being unable to care for their children. While birth control is not encouraged it is not usually strictly forbidden.


Abortion on the other hand is a more tricky issue when it comes to Islamic beliefs. In general, abortion is seen as taking a human life and is forbidden however, there may be exceptions made if carrying the pregnancy to term may jeopardize the mother’s life. In other cases abortion has been deemed acceptable in cases where there may be congenital defects that may result in the demise of the child, or even in cases of incest or rape. However, there really is no clear cut allowance for abortion under Islamic law leaving this open to interpretation.

Islamic religion has a very healthy outlook for the most part on sexual relationships between husband and wife and pretty much follows the same pattern as most other religions on other sexual issues. What makes this religion seem so restrictive when it comes to such issues is the punishments that are assigned for transgressions of Islamic law. And that is why, the Islam religion is seen as so forbidding and foreboding when it comes to matters of sex. Not their actual beliefs.

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