Samsung Wave Smartphone Review

Samsung Wave – One of the Best Bada Phones in the Market

The Samsung Wave phone is manufactured in Korea and is the first Smartphone operating on the bada system. It has an AMOLED 3.3 inch display. The phone is also integrated with the social hub to enable features of communication and social networking. It also has a high-speed 1GHz processor, multitasking features and lots of memory that provide the user with a lot of flexibility.

The phone shows the commitment of the bada phones of delivering rich innovative and well-connected smart phones to the world. The Samsung Wave is definitely an evolution in the phone market. It comes with a social hub that connects it with twitter, Facebook and all other social networks. The phone is able to support different video formats like MP4, XviD among others. Samsung also has produced the first 3.0 Bluetooth connections packing this phone and has 802.11n Wi -Fi. All these enable the users of the phone to download features from the Samsung application stores.

This device has a camera 5 megapixel that comes with features for detection of smiles, editing images in – camera and panaroma capability. On top of this, the phone has 2GB storage (flash storage) and removable storage microSD.

The device has received a lot of praise in the mobile phone market. The device is powered by bada brings super AMOLED to light and has sold over one million units in the European market since its launch. It received strong sales records in Germen, Austria and France where it was considered the top most selling smart phone.

Bada has also produced other bada devices to help provide increased visibility of these phones. The Wave 723 has a design that is boxed unlike the original device that is angular in design. This smart phone has been introduced to the China market where it aims at revolutionizing the Smartphone market.

The phone supports the bada SDK 1.1 and retains all the specs that found in internationally acclaimed version. It has a touch screen 3.2 inches, a camera with 5-megapixel and LED flash, MicroSD card slot, Bluetooth and support for the Samsung applications. The price of the Samsung Wave 723 is slightly lower than that of the Wave and is being released in the European market.

We also have the S8500 Wave that is also supported by the bada operating system. The phone has a display that is gorgeous, a remarkable design, a camera with 720p recording in HD, data sharing software via Wi -Fi. Its user interface is better that what is in the market.

There is definitely a Samsung wave in the market. All the features of this phone are bound to change the phone market, as we know it today. Bada aims to change the market without a high price tag and move the Samsung Wave phones to the next level. In this way it can compete with the other smart phones in the market.

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