Plan for the Future and Do Not Depend On Your Job Alone

Today having an 8 am to 5 pm make us job feels like we are held hostage with uncertainty hanging over one’s head. The decline in the economy of some countries, the bad decisions made by Governments, the changes in the world of business and more, are making the prospect of a full-time employment not so encouraging. Gone are the days when one could expect to work at a job until they reach retirement and settle down to enjoy their small pensions.

The image of the man getting out of bed in the early mornings, and head to the bathroom for a quick shower, then put on is work clothes and after breakfast he hurry’s to catch the subway or drive his car some miles away to work, is not such a good prospect at this time. We are like birds that are about to fall into a net and taken to be butchered.

Today, many retired persons are looking for a job or possibly wishing for one, now. The merger pensions, that many collect is not enough to cover their daily living cost such as their medical bills. Many persons worked at a job for a numbers of years, and the day they finally retired, they were expecting to settle down and enjoy their golden years. They wanted to enjoy a late sleep, a nice walk in the neighborhood or attend to their gardens, enjoy watching the sunset in the evening plus other leisure activities. However, this laid back and taking it easy approach has come to an end for many.

Every day we hear news of job redundancy or a lay off taking place in some corner of the world or in our cities. We can imagine the disappointments, the sounds of sadness and the screaming of “what am I going to do now”? There may also be the cry of “my babies, how will I provide for them now”? Other comments such as; “I just took out a mortgage, now how will I pay for it”.

It is time for us to wake up to the reality that no job is safe, nor should we take a gamble with your future and family. If you are presently employed and the job is your only source of income, then my friend you could be in for a rude awakening sometime in the near future.

In some countries of the world today, the Government employs the bulk of the citizens and the rest are self-employed or either employed by the private sectors. Today, many Governments are having an issue balancing their budgets, include those in the Private Sectors and so if there is a demand for pay increases by the workforces, and it cannot be met due to a variety of reasons. Then their only option is to slash their workforce. Those who are self-employed are relaxed and go about their daily lives with the knowledge that they are in control of their paychecks.

What should the ordinary citizens do to prevent this unfortunate incident from happening to them? Simply start their own business and earn their own income. When a person works for the Government or the Private Sectors, they are in control of our activities include our paycheck. Therefore, our jobs should never be our security because it could be gone at any moment and often without our consent.

If you are working at the moment, then there is no need to quit your job, however, it depends on the factors. In order to build a secure future for ourselves, we need to take charge of our life and control the source of our income. We should never allow a job to become our single source, so let us be smart and build an extra source of income. Let your present job be one source and build the other source so that there will be no need for you to worry.

The formula to start a business, consist of an Idea, a business plan and a boat full of money. However, this boat load of money concept is not correct but it depends on the type of business. We do not really need to make a visit to the bank and get a million dollar loan because there are many ways that one can earn an extra income for a small investment capital or almost nothing.

Here is a list of business that anyone can start with almost nothing.

• Blogging – The only things you will need are a domain, a hosting account a niche target, a computer with internet connection and a skill for crafting words.

• Delivery Service – Clean driving record, organization skill, knowledge of defense driving and a reliable vehicle.

• Day Care – Sufficient space and surrounding for kids to run and play, love for kids and just the offer to watch and entertain them.

• Freelancing – Virtual Assistant, Writer, Bookkeeping and Accounting, Graphic and Web design.

• Tutorial Classes – Help struggling students with a certain subject

• Drop Shipping – Act as a middle man and connect supplier and customers with product.

There are a lot more ways and there is no need for you to be highly experienced or have special knowledge. While this is correct, you only need to start learning new skills or learn as you go along.

I wish you prosperity and success in your life and new undertakings. Cheers!

Source by Andrew M Gooden


Professional Graphic Designer

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