Muscle Maximizer – The Seven Main Body Types

Most people have only heard of three body types: ectomorph, mesomorph and endomorph. But according to Kyle Leon, creator of The Muscle Maximizer, there are four other body types that fall between the main three on the body types spectrum. They are: ecto-mesomorph, meso-ectomorph, meso-endomorph, and endo-mesomorph. In this article we’ll take a look at all seven body types.


Ectomorphs are long and lanky. They have thin bones, a narrow frame and lean muscles. Because they have such a high metabolism, they find it hard to gain weight. On the one hand, it’s a blessing because they burn fat so easily. On the other hand, it’s a curse because they have a difficult time putting on any real muscle without supplements. I had an ectomorph friend in college who was constantly lifting weights in order to get “buff,” but he remained as skinny as ever because he wasn’t eating enough.


Mesomorphs are a little shorter and have thick bones, a wider frame and large muscles. This body type is ideal for weight lifters. The only downside is that they gain fat more easily, so if they don’t watch their calories they’ll have a layer of fat covering up their big muscles. Because of this they need to do some cardio in addition to lifting weights.


Endormorphs are even shorter and have big bones, large arms and large legs. They’re often called “short and stocky.” Because of their slow metabolism, they tend to put on fat very easily. This is why it’s important that they do a lot of cardio and make sure a large portion of their calories come from protein.


Basically, these people are ectomorphs but with some mesomorph tendencies. They’re tall and skinny with a high metabolism, but they’re still able to put on a good amount of muscle. Like ectomorphs, they’ll need to take supplements to help them put on muscle, but they shouldn’t have as much trouble doing it as full ectomorphs.


These people, on the other hand, or mesomorphs with some ectomorph tendencies. They’re shorter with thicker bones, but have a harder time putting on muscle then full mesomorphs. Because they gain fat more easily, they have to keep an eye on their caloric intake.


These are mesomorphs with some endomorph tendencies. They put on both muscle and fat very easily, but it’s harder for them to lose fat than it is for mesomorphs. These are usually the guys at the gym who, despite their large guts, are power lifting an incredible amount of weight. For them, it’s essential not to consume too many carbs.


And last but certainly not least are the endo-mesomorphs. They are endomorphs with mesomorph tendencies. That means they are soft and round but don’t have as large a gut as endomorphs. They don’t have any trouble putting on weight, but they must do cardio to prevent most of that weight from being fat.

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