Islamic Wedding Celebrations

Muslim singles who are interested in getting married need to be very mature and careful in making important decisions of their lives. Muslim marriages are important part of their religion and culture and every single step in the matrimonial process is taken very seriously. Islamic weddings are not considered as a decision taken among two individuals only and sometimes the decisions of the family have a huge impact on the final verdict.

When a single Muslim man and woman decide to tie the knot, they have to get the approval of both the families first. Although the approval is not mandatory but the cultural values dictate that the parents need to be okay with the decision made by the young couple. Muslim marriage is an important decision and unless the families are on board, the couple cannot hope for a blissful marriage. Muslim marriages are family events in which family members from different cities and towns gather together to enjoy the ceremony and the festivities involved. Muslim weddings are celebrated with joy and the colorful clothes and cultural rituals make them even more unique.

A Muslim wedding usually spans over many days as the festivities continue and different wedding rituals are performed. The most colorful and enjoyable festival in a Muslim marriage is the Mehndi which is celebrated a day before the wedding. The mehndi ceremony is basically an old tradition and involves a lot of singing and dancing. The mehndi ceremonies usually continue till late night and the ceremony of nikkah is performed the next day at the wedding ceremony. All in all, Muslim weddings are joyous and festive occasions where people celebrate the union of two families in form of a marriage between two individuals.

Source by Shafiq Mian Rehman


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