Is Low to No Carb Diets Dangerous?

Yes, and No, most dieters do not understand the dangerous side of Low to no carb diets. When I was young I did not worry about eating. I just ate whatever my mom gave me. Ate and off you go to play. Of course these days there is not that much playing so naturally I had to implement a diet to lose weight.

Now I hear there is carbs. Or is it crabs. The real word is actually carbohydrates. Eich…. What a mouth full. Well in the meantime I did some studying and of course gained some weight and knowledge and this is my analysis of my study. My wife tells me everything is too complicated to read so here goes:

Carbs are necessary for healthy eating and a healthy lifestyle. Your body cannot sustain these diets on a long term basis, and if you continue to follow their strict regulations you will find your health destructively affected, eventually leaving you in bad health. Going on a low to no carb diet means stopping or no eating of carbs, each individual needs to eat at least 45% – 65% of carbs per day.

These are common results of not eating carbs, maybe you can associate yourself with these:

• Selection is taken away and can cause you to indulge on foods that are high in fat and sugar especially later in the day. Your body is build like a computer. Once it needs something you get certain cravings. These are vary hard to control.

• Sometimes you get up and feel a certain light headed feeling or ever feeling faint is due to low to no carbs.

• When you consume low to no carbs it puts your body in ketosis. (Ketosis merely means that your body is using fat for energy, so no more play….)

• Once you finish with the diet you gain all the weight back because you are eating carbs again and some times overeating.

• Lack of energy, headaches, low concentration levels and constipation are results of this diet.

In conclusion a low to no carb diet is not a good choice at all. It is much better to have a well balanced diet including fruits and vegetables and exercise regularly. In fact, much of research shows that eating several small meals or portions a day is much better and also speeds up your metabolism.

If you reduce the correct type of carbohydrate from your diet together with some other changes then cutting carbs can help you lose weight.

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