How to Sell a Movie Script

If you want to know how to sell a movie script, you will need to learn to market your movie script. This will entail understand the movie marketplace and how they view scripts. You have to remember that a movie script is nothing more than a product in the eyes of producers. They are not necessarily looking to tell a story they are personally passionate about. They simply want to tell a story that they know will sell to a big audience. If you ever took a business class, think about supply and demand.

As a screenwriter, it is your job to create a movie script that is in demand. Many novice screenwriters have a problem with this because they would rather write a story about something that interests them. But you have to realize that your interests are probably different than the majority of people’s interest out there. Instead, you have to cater to their interests and write a story that would make them want to see it as a movie. And equally if not more important to successfully going about how to sell a movie script is creating compelling characters and understanding three act screenplay structure.

Now the big question is, how do you find out what the public wants to see? By knowing that, you will be much closer to knowing how to sell a movie script. For starters, you can start with the classic marketing concept called the Four Ps; Price, Product, Promotion and Place. You already know that the screenplay is the product. The price is determined by the production company, so don’t try to be demanding and set your own price.

By looking at screenwriting as a business of supply and demand you become better prepared to grasp how to sell a movie script. As a new movie screenwriter, you need to let the producers handle the pricing aspect of the script. The place of a screenplay refers to its channels of distribution. In other words, where are you going to show the movie and how are you going to show it. The producers will also handle this part because they are the ones who will be hiring distribution companies to show their film around the country or maybe even the world. This is where promotion comes into play.

Distribution companies may be a venue for allowing people to see the film, but how are you going to get them to want to go see it? You need to promote your film in an exciting way with trailers, posters, cast interviews and so forth. But again, this is what your producers will be doing. Screenwriters only have to worry about knowing how to sell a movie script to he producer and that entails writing a well structured, in-demand movie script with compelling characters.

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