How to Repair Negative Elance Feedback

Over the course of your freelancing career, you will surely run into a client that simply isn’t happy with your work. When this happens, he or she may leave you with negative feedback. For a freelancer, this can often feel like a ‘scarlet letter’ that you can never get away from. With over 800 Elance projects under my belt, I too have experienced the “Scarlet Letter” feeling at times. Luckily, there are some ways in which you can repair negative feedback. Let’s examine a few of those tips and tricks.

Communicate with the Client

If a client has left you negative feedback, there are often ways in which they can have it removed. Speak with the client and apologize that they were unhappy with the work you’ve done. Ask them for a chance to revise and fix to their specifications, and ask that they remove the feedback once they’re happy. Most clients will not have a problem doing this if they’re reasonable people.

If the Feedback Was Unwarranted

If you know the client should have been happy with the work because you delivered specifically what they asked for in the timeframe they gave you – speak with the freelance site you’re working on. Explain the situation or take out a conflict ticket to have the situation reviewed by the board of the freelancing site. If the site feels as if you’re in the right, they may be able to remove the negative feedback from your profile.

Explain the Situation

On many sites, like Elance, you have the ability to answer negative feedback. This is your chance to explain to other clients who may see the feedback exactly what happened – your chance to tell your side of the story. Explain what happened and why you feel the feedback was not deserved. It may have been that you were going through a family difficulty or that the client was simply being unreasonable about the work you turned in. Many clients who are browsing profiles will actually stop to read the negative feedback as well as your response.

When All Else Fails

If there is nothing you can do to have the negative feedback removed, simply live with it. Do what you can to build up your positive feedbacks and forget about the negative. If you have fifty positive remarks and one negative one, chances are it’s not going to affect you that badly – just take a look at some of the other providers to see that it’s true.

By using the tips above, you can do everything in your power to repair a negative feedback so it doesn’t affect your freelancing career.

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