How To Find Out If Your Voice Is Deep Or High-Pitched – Tips For Identifying Your Voice Tone

It is not always as easy as you think, to find out if you have a deep, or a high pitched voice. In this article I will share a good exercise you can use to identify if your voice tone is deep or squeaky. If you find out that your voice is deep, then good for you! Many people in the world today are trying to deepen their voice tone. As you might already know, it has been proven that people with such voices turn to command more respect and admired more by the opposite sex.

If on the other hand your voice is high-pitched, then you can always do something about it. Your current voice tone is not final! There are some effective deep voice training exercises you can use to try transforming your voice pitch and making it much more attractive, stronger and more husky.

As said above, there’s a trick you can do to find out if your voice is too high and here is it:

1. Put your middle finger on your nose

2. Your pinkie on the left side of your mouth

3. Your thumb on the right side of your mouth

4. Your other two fingers on your cheeks

Hum, “Happy Birthday to you.”

Where do you feel the vibration? If it’s in or around your nose, you may sound nasal and high pitched, hum lower and try to move the buzz to your cheeks or mouth. Next try to speak there.

There are many deep voice training methods on the internet. Many people usually say your voice can never be deep enough. This is just to say how great it is to get that strong sounding deep voice tone. Since many people were not born with an over sized Adams apple, getting such a voice will need that you put in some time and effort to train your neck muscles and vocal cords to produce the desired tone quality you want.

Over the years, there have been the development and sale of so many deep voice training programs. So if you find out that your voice is not sounding they way you want it to sound, you can always get one of these program and try using the tips recommend in it.

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