How to Find New Scrapbooking Ideas

I know how it goes… When you first got rolling with scrapbooking, you were bursting at the seams with fun ideas. Every birthday, every outing and every event turned into the perfect occasion for a scrapbook.

But now, once you’ve been scrapbooking for some time, the ideas seem to have vanished. You’ve got heaps and heaps of pictures, but no idea what to do with them – and no motivation to come up with your own scrapbooking ideas.

Don’t panic! Using a number of fun sources, you can assemble an unlimited number of simple scrapbooking ideas that will have you enjoying your scrapbooking projects again in no time.

Your Favorite Library – If you haven’t stopped by your local library lately, you will be surprised to learn that they have stacks of books chock-full of fun scrapbooking ideas. And best of all, since most libraries now are a part of community networks that let you check out books from libraries across your area, you may be able to get your hands on even more scrapbooking books than ever before!

Scrapbook Meetup Groups – Out of scrapbooking ideas for your future projects? What better way to get your creative juices flowing than to join other croppers in a scrapbooking meetup group? Your retail scrapbooking store may run its own scrapbooking groups, or employees there might be able to give you the details on other groups near you. You can also visit websites like to see if there are any scrapbooker clubs near you.

Web Tutorials – If you search online, you’ll find tons of different websites that offer scrapbooking layout examples you can reference. Some of these sites allow visitors to post their own scrapbooking layouts, so that you can get tips and techniques from more than just the managers of the sites themselves.

Magazine Layouts – Have you ever used this source of inspiration before? Print magazines pay their page designers big bucks to make the layout of every page as engaging as possible. So if you’re out of scrapbooking ideas yourself, why not pick up a magazine for inspiration? The magazine doesn’t even have to be a scrapbooking magazine – you can draw tons of inspiration from fashion magazines or children’s catalogs too.

Scrapbook Product Websites – Now, be cautious with this one, as more than one cropper has found that spending too much time on commercial scrapbooking websites can lead to accidental purchases. However, if you’re strong enough (or if you leave your money with a trusted scrapbooking friend), check out scrapbook product company’s websites, as they’re frequently loaded with ideas on how to use their products in unique ways. Just keep in mind that many of these great ideas can be completed with the products and tools you already have at home!

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