How Long Does it Take to Get a Six Pack For Your Body Type?

Are you a skinny runt who finds it impossible to pack on muscle no matter how much you work out? Or are you overweight and need to shed a few pounds to see the results of your muscle toning workouts? Whatever the case, there are advantages to both body types. It isn’t necessarily easier for any one body type to build a six pack more quickly, but there are tricks you can use to benefit your muscle gains. The key is to know which type of body you have.

Your genetic makeup plays a large role in how you acquire new muscle. If you are an endomorph, your body will be naturally bigger boned, have wider hips, and probably a higher amount of body fat. Endomorphs have the most difficulty shedding body fat as they tend to store it most effectively. The advantage of being an endomorph is that it is very easy to put on muscle when you start a solid training program.

If you are an ectomorph, you’re naturally skinny, small boned, and have a hard time gaining weight in general. Ectomorphs have high metabolisms which means they don’t have to worry about being overweight and can usually “eat anything they want”. The downside to being an ectomorph is that it is harder to build muscle, and virtually impossible if you aren’t eating and working out properly.

Mesomorphs have the best body types when it comes to gaining muscle. This is because mesomorphs are naturally muscular and have a higher amount of muscle than fat in their bodies. They will have the easiest time building a six pack. If you have been blessed with a mesomorphic body type, you’re already ahead of the game – but that doesn’t mean you won’t have to work to build six pack abs.

Aside from your genetic makeup, diet also plays an important part in building muscle of any kind. If you work out intensely but eat a lot of junk food, you’re not going to see results. At the same time, if you work out moderately but don’t eat enough or don’t eat the right kinds of food (especially as an ectomorph aka skinny runt), you probably won’t see results either – or at least not very fast. The key is to maintain a healthy diet of balanced carbs, protein, and fat. Don’t overdo it in any one nutritional area; eat enough for your body type, cut back if you need to lose fat, or add a few extra hundred calories to your diet if you need to gain weight.

Cardio is the final factor. Endomorphs are going to have to do more cardio than ectomorphs and mesomorphs, as they’ll likely have more body fat to shed and keep off. For the best muscle gains, ectomorphs should limit cardio to moderate intensity for about 20 minutes a few times a week. Too much cardio will set back your gains; you only want to do it to keep your heart healthy and maintain good circulation.

Ultimately, building a six pack for any body type is dependent on how disciplined you are, what equipment and exercises you’re using, and how well you’re able to stick to your regime. If you focus on a good diet and working out smarter rather than harder, your rate of success will skyrocket.

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