Heart Care Tips From Women’s Heart Hospitals

People move from colder climates to Florida not just because the weather is warmer, but because they feel that it will be better for their health. Florida heart hospitals offer excellent patient care- especially for those who require comprehensive cardiac care. Not many people realize how incredibly important it is to take care of your health. One common misconception is that when it comes to certain diseases, men are usually stricken with cardiovascular disease while women usually suffer from breast cancer or other forms of cancer. However, nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, the number of women who are seeking women’s heart hospitals has grown significantly over the years as increasing numbers of women have been diagnosed with some form of cardiovascular disease

For some people, suffering from a heart attack is due to a lack of proper nutrition. For others, heart attacks may be brought on by enduring a lifestyle that is full of tension and high amounts of stress. And still, for others, cardiovascular problems are something inherited – something hereditary that can only be treated by a professional. To this end, those who live in the Florida area have a great choice in health care when it comes to Florida heart hospitals in the area. Additionally, for those women who are increasingly seeking out women’s heart hospitals, or simply those hospitals that offer comprehensive care for cardiovascular disease in women, their choices are also excellent. However, the key for women who are seeking treatment at one of the Florida heart hospitals in the area is to educate themselves on cardiac wellness. Know what the differences are between men and women when it comes to heart disease (because there is a difference), and know what the various risk factors are.

What You Don’t Know Could Kill You

According to the Women’s Heart Foundation, 8.6 million women die from heart disease every year and heart disease is responsible for one third of all women’s deaths. Although heart disease and strokes are thought to primarily affect men, strokes account for a higher percentage of deaths in women than in men. Researchers believe this could be related to oral contraceptive use when combined with smoking.

435,000 American women each year suffer from heart attacks and over half of these women die. Heart attacks kill six times as many women as breast cancer. This proves heart disease is no longer considered something that affects only men.

Don’t Wait Until You Get to a Women’s Heart Hospital: Know the Risks

Heart disease isn’t just something that men suffer from. In fact, according to the American Heart Association (AHA), coronary heart disease, which causes someone to have a heart attack, is the single most leading cause of death in American women who are over the age of 25. And contrary to popular belief, heart disease kills nearly twice as many women within the United States than any type of cancer, even including breast cancer. For this reason and others, you shouldn’t wait until you find yourself at a women’s heart hospital asking questions because by then it’s too late. Instead, educate yourself about some of the risk factors involved in cardiovascular disease. While the Florida heart hospitals in the area may be excellent at treating cardiovascular disease in women, you don’t want to end up in that kind of a situation. Take care of your health now. You only get to live once.

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