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Garmin Nuvi 2689LMT Vehicle GPS

Garmin Nuvi 2689LMT is a feature rich vehicle GPS unit in the 6-inch category. It is suitable for people who want high-end navigational features and a big screen. The unit mounts to the car dashboard or windshield with the help of the included mount. One can see the big 6-inch display even from afar and the glass screen improves the usability. The touchscreen is as responsive as a smartphone and allows the pinch to zoom function. However, the large size of the gadget makes it unsuitable for storing in the pocket. Carrying the device in hand is not recommended.

Touching the responsive screen is just one of the methods to interact with the device. Voice based commands serve as another convenient method. You can activate the Voice command function and then speak the name of the destination. The GPS displays the exact route from the current location to the destination point. This feature is useful when one has to keep the eyes on the road while driving.

You can activate the Bluetooth function and pair the navigator with a smartphone. Post connection, the GPS provides hands-free calling support. The hands-free interface comes as a sidebar allowing the current route map to stay on the screen. Smartphones running on Android or iOS can directly connect with the device using the Smartphone Link app. This enables remote connection between the mobile device and the GPS unit.

The new Real Directions feature improves the overall quality of voice instructions. Spoken instructions are easy to understand and the navigator will tell you to make a turn after a traffic light, restaurant or any landmark that lies within the field of vision. You can even type the name of a shop inside a mall and the Direct Access feature will let you know the floor number along with the exact location. Use the Foursquare app to discover new places in unknown locations. It has a huge database of the latest Points of Interests and works without a connection to the Internet.

This navigator has a higher price tag compared to similar models from other companies. However, features such as Active Lane guidance, built-in Bluetooth, voice activation, multi-touch support, free lifetime map and traffic updates and full North America map coverage provides good value for money. Another advantage is the Foursquare app database integration which has the latest information about Points of Interests. Those looking for cheaper units with similar functions can also browse through the Essential Line series.

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