Endomorphs Revenge – Smart And Simple Training Methods I

Endomorphs; We are the people who unfortunately find it quite easy to put on weight, one saying is, “we only have to look at food and we put on weight”. We need to continually work to lose weight and that extra body fat we have accumulated over the years. One of the main reasons is due to our slow metabolism, and of course not that we prefer to not do much at all. One strategy is utilising some smart and simple training methods geared around speeding up our slow metabolism. We want our bodies metabolism continually burning fat, and building lean muscle. And ultimately achieving the physical body we have always wanted and dreamt about.

What will also help this is if we have a clearly defined goal and deadline that we can work towards, such as a model photo shoot date, wanting your beach body by a certain date, or just for your own personal health and well being so that you can be proud of your body, and, so can your partner, girlfriend or wife.

Smart and Simple Training Methods I.

One of the main principles for us endomorphs is that we need to be training at a fast training pace in order to speed up our bodies metabolism. What does this mean practically for us?

i. Short Rest Periods Between Sets (10-30s), and
ii. Short Rest Periods Between Exercises (30-60s)

Does that look simple or challenging? Well it depends at how you look at it, and also your initial fitness base, coupled with how strict you are with the timing. If we are strict with these 2 simple steps this will help us to expend more energy in a shorter period of time and burn more calories during our workouts. You will definitely be breathing hard and sweating from this intense regime, but you will definitely be feeling great! This achieves the goal of speeding up our bodies metabolism and increasing the after workout fat burning effect!

Some great training methods that take advantage of short rest periods between sets are;

i. Super sets – Are two exercises done together back to back. These can either be a large muscle together with a small muscle, or two opposing muscle groups.
ii. Drop sets – Is simply the same exercise starting with one weight then drop the weight to do another set again, with each set done to failure. You decide how many drop sets you want to do depending on how hard you want to hit a specific muscle group. This can be done on the last set of a body part.
iii. In-set super sets – This is doing two exercises together within the same set with the same weight, A good example is DB press with DB flies.
iv. Triple sets – 3 different exercises together back to back!
v. Quad sets – 4 different exercises together back to back!
vi. Five sets – 5 different exercises together back to back!
vii. 10 sets – 10 different exercises together back to back!

Now methods iv – vii above is doing exercises one after each other without any breaks besides going to the machine or changing weights. This requires setting up your training, weights and machines at a time which is not so busy in your local gym. This is definitely for more advanced body builders and people who have had at least a year or two of solid training behind them.

Now we can’t physically maintain this kind of training method indefinitely even if we have both a fantastic diet, and the correct supplements all helping us to recover from our workouts, and to grow. However these smart and simple training methods can be periodically incorporated every 4 weeks or so with your base program to change it up. What I mean is every 4 weeks utilise one of the above super set training methods for the next 4 weeks, then alternate back to your base training program.

Our bodies and mind do adapt quickly to training routines within 3-4 weeks, so we need to alternate our workouts accordingly every 3-4 weeks. This will force your body to adapt and grow and change and ultimately keep your bodies metabolism burning efficiently! This smart and simple training method is one strategy I would recommend, and which I enjoy utilising myself.

Some other very simple and smart training methods are to;

i. Change your exercises every 2nd or 3rd workout, and
ii. Change the order of what exercises you do for each body part.

This will help you hit your muscles at different angles and you will feel muscles called into action for the first time. This will keep you and your body on your toes forcing your body to continually adapt, change and grow, and ultimately burning fat to show the lean muscle underneath!

Now most of what I shared is probably not new to you but sometimes we need to hear it again in a different manner, or from a different perspective including myself. Its also different again when you have done most if not all of the above training methods and you can look at it again and see what worked for you this time and why.

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