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Calligraphy is generally divided into two types: Western calligraphy and East Asian calligraphy. If you want to learn these two styles of calligraphy writing it is very simple and easy – you can learn just by following the tutorials that are available in calligraphy learning books or online. It is not difficult to learn calligraphy and even those with little or no coordination can master this art.

If you are preparing to learn Western calligraphy art you will require a calligraphy learning starter set consisting of a pen, ink and a few nibs. This will be sufficient to practice Western calligraphy. In the case of East Asian calligraphy one would require a water cistern, ink block and ink stone with different sizes of brushes and various types of hair. The reason for the ink stone and the ink stick is to prepare one’s own ink, used only for Asian calligraphy. However, ink is also available for the beginner at a very reasonable rate of around $20 so you can practice your hobby.

Calligraphy learning lessons are offered online if you are interested in taking online courses. At the same time many fine arts departments in community colleges offer lessons in calligraphy. Private tutors or art teachers in schools will also give calligraphy lessons according to your choice. Many non-profitable organizations will be of great help in giving calligraphy lessons.

If these factors do not seem feasible calligraphy learning books are available in abundance. There are many interesting and informative books that provide guidelines and practice sheets that would help you practice the right spacing when forming the angles of the different letters you are designing. Books giving instructions on how to set up the work table as well as how to form letters and use the ink and pens are affordable and freely available.

Though a vast number of styles are available in Western as well as East Asian calligraphy writing, it is advisable to start practicing one style at a time until you master it and then start learning the next style. This will give you a better idea and understanding of what you intend to do with the calligraphy learning books. You may want to try the style of your ancestral country first due to sentimental reasons, or sometimes individuals prefer to get something contemporary and pick something that is easy to understand and master.

Once you have chosen the style that you want to practice with the calligraphy learning process, you should set aside a little time each day to practice what you have already learned while at the same time try to learn new techniques each day. The secret to calligraphy is considered to be the art of training the hand’s muscle memory, hence it should be practiced every day consistently to attain perfection.

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