Building Mashup Scripts

Building mashup scripts for a mashup store is not as difficult as it seems. In fact, it can be incredibly easy to do and can have you up and running in only a few minutes. Most of the affiliate sites are going to provide the individual script necessary to bring content from their page.

As a result, it is easy to create a decent affiliate store script. However, for the most part you probably will not have to create any script what so ever. A good internet search can find information on just about everything and that includes tutorials on creating script yourself or even finding developers and programmers who have created pre made scripts and offered them up for anyone to use.

If you are looking to create your own mashup script, a good tutorial will tell you everything you need. You can find both written and video tutorials that can show you how to write your own script and simply insert the specifics from your particular affiliate sites. In addition to creating your script, you will also want to create your keyword list. Your keyword list will be what pulls the information from your affiliates into your website. It also helps to coordinates all the data so that the information from each of the affiliates matches. This allows your visitors to watch videos on your product or relevant content, view auctions, see the latest books or relevant material; even Google and yahoo have affiliate programs that can become part of your mashup.

Thankfully, the mashup scripts are easy, usually just require a quick cut, and paste from the affiliate site to the page where you are writing your script. You may want to consider using a mashup platform in order to create your mashup scripts. These are programs such as Google mashup editor, Popfly from Microsoft. Open Mashups and Yahoo pipes. However, some of these may be limited.

Building mashup scripts is not as difficult as it seems, it does take a little research and may require a platform to assist in creation. Most of the necessary data can be found on the affiliate sites of your choice as part of the affiliate information. There are also a number of places to find already create scripts to use as an example for creating your own in addition to the written and video tutorials that can be found online.

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