4 Steps to Make Great Cheerleading Cheers

When its time to make the cheers for your cheerleading competitions, you’ll see that the members of your squad have different opinions than you. They all have their own idea of what a cheer should be. You will see that when you try to choose the music it is very difficult indeed. Since everyone has their own individual music taste, I will try to give you some tips on what should be in a cheerleading cheer.

1. When you start to create the cheer, you should locate a professional musician. I have found that DJ’s are the best at it. And I am not talking about the run of the mill backyard DJ, that thinks he is da bomb, but one that is experienced in beat mixing, and that can do it right in front of you. That way you see for yourself that this is a pro.

2. When you have found your DJ, and you are happy with that you, you need to give him a road map of your routine. That is basically an 8 count sheet describing your routine. The DJ will then be able to see when you hit your scorpions, your toe touches and so on. He will then see where to add in the sound effects to make sure you get the best result possible.

3. What kind of music should you choose? Try to think like a judge. What will the judges like. Try to think about that when you choose the music. Most of the judges are a bit older than you, so music from the 80’s and 90’s are usually a good choice. Of course, new songs will also work, but do not use every new song that has come out this season. Try to vary the songs in order to make your cheers look more exiting. Just think of the judges again. Many others will use the same new songs, so they will be easily bored. Be creative. Maybe try to choose a song that you haven’t heard.

4. When you get to the competition, make sure you have a few extra copies of your music. You do not want to loose it.

I hope these easy to do tips will help you in your next cheerleading competition, and that you will have some fantastic music along with your routines.

Source by Leif-Harald Nesheim


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