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Do you want to create a professional website. yes, then you are in the right place.Nothing is impossible on the web, Let's execute your idea into the website and start your business or startup today.

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About Me

Professional Front end Developer & WordPress Specialist.

I’m Anik Hasan Passionate at web development. I’m working minimum of 13-14 hours every day, I love to do this it’s my life-everything. My goal is to satisfy clients, try to understand what they want for there website, help them from beginning to end the project and give support for every problem. If need I communicate by video or audio conversations to understand the problems and project requirements. After completing website and projects I give instructions, How they can manage, edit, update, add page and post on the website by themselves. if needed I send video tutorials.

Full website creation

I can create any type of website for your business, portfolio, company, e-commerce store, blog etc. I provide unique, clean & awesome graphical design interface.

Online store & shopping

I can create a fully functional online store with any type of payment gateway support and add shopping cart functionality into you’re existing website.

Fixing problems

Website problem & bugs it’s a common problem for every website. Don’t worry about bugs and problems. I can fix any type of problems & bugs for any website.

Maintenance & Optimized

Slow loading website it’s the biggest problem for every website. I can boost your website’s speed by optimization your website. And if you don’t have time to maintain your website don’t worry I’m here.

Web Development

I provide a highly compatible web portal development for your business with very easy and smooth for visitors to go through the products and services, converting them into permanent customers.

Application Development

I Develop any type of wordpress site from your requrements based Web Applications from your custom requirements. like custom CMS to complex ERP Solutions, any type Management System etc.


How i do work

How I do it is an very important issue

Your satisfaction is the first priority with me. So I will do the work until you are satisfied. And I will full time support after delivery the work.

1. Discussion

To understand the project needs & requirements it’s very important for me, for that I discuss with every details to related projects if needed I communicate by video or audio conversations.

4. Coding

The website is built by web language that’s why we need to code for every website. it’s very important to have hand coding, clean and developer friendly coding. I give 100% guarantee in all of them

2. planning

To understand the project needs & requirements it’s very important for me, for that I discuss with every details to related projects if needed I communicate by video or audio conversations.

5. Submit for Review

After design and coding, I send for review to client. After client’s checking, If have to change or revision, I say client to send all of them in a list and I am happy to do all changes every time..

3. Design

I give highly concentration to website design, every time I try to give my best to do clean and services related awesome design for the website. A nice design can improve your business quality

6. Website Is Ready!

After reviewing everything, we are going to the final step, if everything has done, then I can publish it for everyone. In every project, i make sure to give full support to the clients.

Time is very important issue with me. So I deliver my every project on time.

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